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Mata Ki Bhaint

The traditional offerings to Mata, which are permitted inside the Holy Cave include Chunri (A Red Color Drape), Saries, Cholas, Silver or Gold Ornaments, Dry Fruits, Flowers etc. These traditional offerings are called Bhaints. A typical Bhaint comprises Prasad, fullian, Makhana, Chunni, Mouli, Coconut, Pooja samagri including Itra, Bangles and Sindoor. Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board has its own no profit no loss shops at Bhawan known as Bhaint Shop where Prashad/Bhaints offerings are available at a fair price. Hence the pilgrims are not required to buy offerings at Katra and carry them all the way to Bhawan. Beautifully packed Bhaints in eco-friendly jute bags are available in the Bhaint shop at Bhawan at reasonable rates. Bhaints of higher denominations are also likely to be introduced shortly. Pilgrims can also buy a water bottle from the Bhaint shop to fill the Holy water that gushes out of the Holy Cave after having Darshans. The Shrine Board has got prepared gold and silver coins of guaranteed purity. These coins bear the image of the Holy Pindies on one side and that of Goddess Durga on the other. These coins are available at the Prashad counter just outside the Holy Cave and at all the banks at Bhawan. The Board is also trying to explore the possibility of providing yatries with pure silver chatters of various denominations of guaranteed purity. It is expected that these shall shortly become available at the Bhaint shop to facilitate such devotees as would like to offer chatters to Mother Goddess. No sweets, sweet dishes, food stuffs etc. are allowed inside the Holy Cave and pilgrims should refrain from buying such offerings. Coconuts are also not permitted due to security considerations and hence no Coconuts are allowed to be broken anywhere near the Holy Cave, as is the practice at other temples. But being so intimately connected with the traditional offerings they are not refused either. Pilgrims are required to deposit the Coconuts at a counter in the Main Waiting Hall, before entering the Holy Cave and are given a token in return. They can reclaim their coconuts from a separate counter, once they are out of the Holy Cave after having Darshans. All the offerings in cash are required to be deposited in the donation boxes kept at various places and no donations in cash or kind are allowed to be handed over to any temple priest or anyone else. One can always donate in cash or in kind and obtain a proper receipt for the same. All the donations to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board enjoy tax benefits under section 80-G of the Income Tax Act. The Shrine Board is a non profit organization and donations always help to create more and better facilities for all the visitors and are used in larger public interest.


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