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The place where Arjuna shot an arrow towards the earth to quench Bhisma Pitamah's thirst.

Bhisma Kund, a water reservoir situated in village Narakatari is dedicated to Bhishma the grandsire of Kauravas and Pandavas. According to Mahabharata, on the 10th day of the battle, Bhisma fell on the battle field and having felt thirst asked for water. Arjuna at once pierced an arrow into the ground eventually water got ejected and Bhishma’s thirst was met. Traditionally this event of Mahabharata has been associated with this place. The reservoir or kund is a medieval structure renovated in recent times.

As Anarak tirtha on the southern bank of river saraswati is also famous. It is said that this tirtha is sorrounded by Brahma on the east, Rudra Patni (or mother godesses) on the west, Shiva on the south and Vishnu on the north. Such type of tirthas were visited by the devotees of all sects of Hindusism i.e. Vaisnavas, Saivas and Shaktas.


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