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brahma sarovar

This ancient sacred tank is one of the largest men made bathing tanks in Asia. Having seen this gigantic water body Akbar’s court historian Abul Fazl called it as Miniature Sea. According to the popular beliefs this tank was created by Lord Brahma, which was later one excavated by and legendary king Kuru. It is 3600x1500 feet in size. Here, arched enclosures and separate bathing ghats for ladies and gents have been provided for the convenience of the pilgrims. A dip in this sarovar bears the sanctity of performing of thousands of Asvamedha yajna. During the solar eclipse, lakhs of pilgrims from all over the world gather here for a holy dip.

This tank was also known as Kurukshetra tank linked with Solar Eclipse fair. The tank Brahma Sarover and the pilgrimage Kurukshetra were intimately related. Kurukshetra in ancient time was known as Uttaravedi (northern alter of Brahma), Brahma vedi and Samanta Panchaka.

Its crowning feature of the holy tank is Sharveshwar Mahadev temple. It is linked to the outer periphery by a small bridge. The outer walls of the tank have been rebuilt. It is lined by bathing steps. There are arched enclosures for pilgrims.

One of the most delightful occasions is the breath taking event of Solar eclipse when lakhs of pilgrims from all over India and abroad throng to the city for a holy dip in its sacred water. Adjacent to Brahmasarovar lie Jai Ram Vidya Peetha, Geeta Bhawan, Baba Shravana Nath ki Haveli and Guru Gorkha Nath Temple.

Every year lakhs of people come to take a holy bath at Brahma Sarovar on the occasion of "Somavati Amavasya" (Sacred No-Moon Day that happens on a Monday).



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