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Timings to get Yatra Parchi at Katra (Yatra Parchi Counter) : 6.00 AM to 10.00 PM

Online Yatra Parchi :
Yatra Parchi booking not available between (09:30 AM to 12:00 Noon) and (10:00 PM to 05:00 AM) everyday.

Parentage in Yatra Parchi (Online) : Name of the State from where the Devotees belongs to

  • Information Required for Online Yatra Parchi Booking : Date of Yatra, Names of the Devotees, Parentage (State) and ID Proof Details
  • The devotees are advised to register their Yatra Parchi Online in Advance as there is VERY LONG QUEUE at the Yatra Parchi Registration Counter at Katra.
  • Yatra parchi is not required for the child below age of 10 years.
  • Offline Yatra Parchi is available at Yatra Registration Counter near bus stand Katra and Saraswati Dham Jammu. It is free of cost.
Validity of Yatra Parchi : 6 Hours from the Time of Issue of Yatra Parchi (If Yatra Parchi is received from the Yatra Registration Counter at Katra)

Devotees are required to cross Baan Ganga Check Post before 6 Hours from the Time of Issue of the Yatra Parchi

  • Yatra Parchi is the most important document that the pilgrim must have to start the Yatra to Shrine.
  • Yatra Registration is done at the Yatra Registration Counter (YRC) near Katra Bus Stand.
  • Without Yatra Parchi, the pilgrims are returned from Mid-Way to Katra to have their Yatra Parchi.
  • It is advised that all the Pilgrims should have the Yatra Parchi before moving to Bhawan.
  • There is No Fee of Yatra Parchi from Yatra Registration Counter, Katra.


  • Devotees having Helicopter Tickets are provided Yatra Parchi at Helipad



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