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Yatra Parchi and On the Track

Yatra Parchi is the most important document that the pilgrim must have to start the Yatra to Shrine. It is advised that all the Pilgrims should have the Yatra Parchi before moving to Bhawan.

Mobile Phones Strictly Not Allowed On-The-Track

  • Pilgrims should note that ONLY POST-PAID (Rental) Mobile Connections catch the signals in Katra and Jammu.
  • Pilgrims are advised to bring their Post-Paid (Rental) Mobile Phones rather than Pre-Paid if they are willing to be connected with the Mobile Phones.
  • Pilgrims should note that Mobile Phones are strictly not allowed in the Journey to Holy Cave (Bhawan).
  • All the pilgrims are checked very carefully by the security personnel and if the Mobile Phones are found, these are confiscated by the security at Banganga (The First Check Post).
  • Even if the person hide or escape their Mobile Phone from Ban Ganga Check Post, the persons are check number of times on the way. Many times, it becomes very embarrassing for the persons carrying mobile phones with them despite of the instructions and warning of the administration. Pilgrims are advised to keep their Mobile Phones / iPAD in their Hotel at Katra


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