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The famous site where Bhagavad Gita was delivered to Arjuna. Light and Sound Show is a newly built tourist attraction here which highlights some aspects of Geeta Saar through lights and sound.

On of the most revered of holy places of Kurukshetra is Jyotisar, which lies 5 km from Kurukshetra on Kurukshetra-Pehowa road. It is believed that here under the holy banyan tree Lord Krishna delivered the eternal message of Bhagawadgita to Arjuna before commencement of Mahabharata battle.

The Bhagawadgita has been immortalised in the sacred ambiance of a small village named Jyotisar one of the most revered holy places of Kurukshetra. In fact, the word Jyotisar constitutes of two words that is ‘Jyoti’ meaning light and ‘Sar’ meaning tank. Thus, it symbolically signifies the sacred tank of enlightenment. Tradition says here stands a banyan tree, may be an offshoot of the original banyan tree under which Krishna delivered the Bhagawadgita on the eve of battle just before its commencement. Whether or not the Gita was delivered under the banyan tree at Jyotisar millions come here to pay their obeisance to the song celestial and song eternal Gita. Since time immemorial Gita has been revered the sacred most and the ultimate treasure of Indian philosophical and religious treatise. However, Gita was uttered from the mouth of Krishna yet Gita is a part of the sixth book of Mahabharata called Bhishma parva authored by Krishna Dwapayan Vyasa. The Gita indeed is the culmination of Vedic and upanishadic thoughts. Sometimes, it is called Gita Upanishad. The essences of Isa, Mandukya, Kena, Prasna, Chhandogya and Katha, the principal upanishads that have been referred in the Bhagawadgita. Nevertheless, whatsoever may be antiquity of Gita or who-so-ever may be the author or compiler yet undoubtedly the message happened to be the most wonderful messages, comprehensively explained by Krishna to Arjuna who indeed was at the cross road of dilemma of to be or not to be. Just imagine about the character who happened to be best among the warriors, the most intelligent and skilful among the Mahabharata character yet got totally crumbled and confused. He even went to the extent of saying that he would rather prefer beginning to annihilation of his race, which might extinct after the great holocaust.

The site Jyotisar is venerated by a beautiful marble chariot depicting Krishna delivering the immortal Gita to Arjuna canopied by a banyan tree, which stands as an epitome of the historical event.

In recent time, a Sound & Light show on the theme of Bhagawadgita in the light of Mahabharata has been mounted by ITDC as a part of the tourism promotion in Kurukshetra. The show enlivens the story of Mahabharata through the powerful dialogues and the hymns from the Bhagawadgita. An ambience of the battle is created in the secluded environment of Jyotisar.



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